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Fujitsu exec runs the Intertubes


Another 2d and After Effects piece, compositing live action keyed into 2d and 3d elements. I think David describes it well:

"This was a fun piece produced by David Whitefield Jones of VisualWorks for Fujitsu Network Communications in Dallas, Texas. We filmed with one of their execs for a day on a green set so that he could be keyed into a number of digitally created locations meant to give the feel of being "inside" the internet. The segments would be presented within a live presentation in which executive Rodney Boehme would walk out on stage wearing the same outfit as the one on film. That way he could move back and forth from "the internet" to the stage as a speaker, livening up the presentation. The presentation was given a standing ovation and was well received from the comments we were given. The layers were brought together in After Effects by the fabulous Charles Morpheus. 3D by Joel Hooks. If your company needs help with effective and memorable marketing, sales or training, please contact me at"


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