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Diageo Tradeshow Booths

These tradeshow booths for Diageo were printed on melanine and die cut to shape on standardized frames. This allowed them to be assembled and disassembled in little time for a tour ofshows around the country. They were a definite hit, and the most dynamic designs on the floor.
The designs began as sketches by David W. Jones, with scans and photos collected by David and icumedia staff. From these simple sources and textures of wood, palm trees, dart boards and the like, I built the files in Photoshop and Illustrator.
From the right angles, many of the booths had a definite 3d feel to them. When we went to Houston, Texas for the first city on the tour, I saw a (perhaps slightly tipsy) gentleman try to use the footrest on the wine bar booth. People were having a very good time.